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How to Properly Care, Store and Fold a Cashmere Sweater

Caring For Your Cashmere Sweaters

Tips On How To Properly Care For Your Cashmere Sweaters

One of the important buying decisoin you make these wintry season is getting  top quality Cashmere Sweaters either for you or members of your family. But because quality always comes at a price, most high quality cashmere are always very expensive. So after getting your Sachmere, you need to know what you should do to protect your investment, so that it will serve you for long time, even beyond this season. We hope to provide you with all the tips and resources that will ensure you get best value for your money, Now read on…

Top Tips and Advice On How To Clean Your Cashmere Sweaters

1. Hand washing your Sweaters is better than Machine Wash, using Shampoo and Lukewarm Water

2. Make sure though that you dissolve the hair shampoo in the luke warm water prior to putting the sweater in.

3. Rinse The Cashmere Sweaters With Conditioner which makes it soft.

Storing Your Cashmere Sweaters

Caring For Cashmere SweatersOnce washed and dried, Before you attempt storage make sure the Sweater is free of any dampness

After which, carefully fold the cashmere sweaters or neatly place these in a plastic bag or a tissue paper. There is a resource we come accross online that will help you with this, the link is below this article.

It is best to store the cashmere sweaters away from any dust, light or dampness.

Also, make sure that there are no stains on the cashmere sweater before you store them.
Stains that are fresh and which may not be that visible yet could be oxidized and perennially fixed on the garment during the process of storage.

Moths only eat on fabrics that are natural made and so garments that are made of wool – for example – is considered by them as a delicacy.
Keep mothballs as well as chips cedar handy as these keep the moths away.

When storing cashmere lady sweaters especially during the seasons of summer, it is important to keep any moisture away from it.  As much as possible, never place your cashmere sweater in a place that is damp.

Using a storage plastic box that is sealed well is a good answer to this problem.  Such boxes are usually available in stores.

As much as possible, use a see through box in order to know if there is moisture that is setting in the box.  Still, it is always best to be sure that the box is completely dry prior to placing the cashmere lady sweaters in.

Keeping moths away is possible by making sure that the cashmere lady sweater is ultra clean before storing them.  Take note that moths are attracted specifically to normal protein foods and oils used for cooking.

Another solution is by spraying perfume on a small paper and placing the paper next to the cashmere lady sweater when in storage.  This is a convenient way to moth-proof your clothes.

Combine Cashmere Sweaters Wisely

As much as possible, avoid wearing rough types of clothing when wearing a cashmere lady sweater.  These include bracelets, necklaces made of metal, leather items.

All in all, it is practically quite easy to care for your precious cashmere lady sweaters.  All you need is a little effort and some patience.

How to properly fold a sweater

Turns out mom was right – there really is a correct way to fold a sweater. Whether you’re storing that hideous Christmas cozy for another season or depositing some new cashmere in your closet, be sure to give your garments the VIG treatment by mastering the meticulous art of the box fold.

Start with a clean slate

Many of us are programmed to believe that a dry cleaner is the safest place for our treasured but soiled togs. Not so, according to the grand dame of domesticity, Martha Stewart. She insists that proper handwashing is the best way to care for most sweaters, including delicate fabrics such as cashmere and wool.

Start by taking a good look at the sweater before you wet it, to get a sense of the dimensions. Type A’s may want to use a tape measure to record shoulder to shoulder, sleeve, bustline and bottom-edge lengths.

Swish the garment in cool water after adding a small amount of liquid soap for delicates such as Woolite. Rinse gently. Remove excess water. Place on a towel that’s lying on a flat surface.

Now is the time to reconstruct the shape (hint: if sleeves look too long, pull out the middle of the body of the sweater). Finish by rolling the towel and sweater up jellyroll-style and leaving to dry for several hours.

While waiting, feel free to go out and spend all that money you saved on dry cleaning. Continue To Read More Here 

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