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Cashmere Sweaters Gifts Study: Sometimes Less Is More In Gift-Giving

Recent Study On Cashmere Sweaters for Men and Women Gifts

Last Minute Christmas Gift of  Cashmere Sweaters For Men and Women – There was this recent study conducted which confirm that the recipient of a gift of cashmere sweaters with a gift card will appreciate more the Cashmere Sweaters Gift, The Reason behind this can be obtain from this write up, you will sure enjoy it and found it very informative

Study: Sometimes Less Is More In Gift-Giving

By: Beverly Amsler, Virginia Public Radio // December 23, 2011 WAMU 88 5 American University Radio

If you’re still working on a last-minute gift to impress a special someone this year, researchers at Virginia Tech say less is actually more.  It’s a gift-giving strategy that could be applied into the new year.

The researchers have discovered something they call the ”Presenter’s Paradox.” Let’s say you’re feeling generous and give two gifts — a cashmere sweater and a $5 gift card in the same box. Researcher Stephen Garcia says the recipient would prefer to get only the sweater.

”They average the units of information in the package,” says Garcia. “So, for a cashmere sweater, the average of that is high. But in the case where you have the cashmere sweater and the $5 gift card, that $5 gift card dilutes the great generosity of that cashmere sweater.” Read More….

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