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Cashmere Sweaters Confidential – Tips On How To Buy Cashmere Sweaters

Tips On How To Select Quality Cashmere Sweaters On Sale!

Men’s and Women’s Cashmere Sweaters On Sale Quality Features To Look For and Where To Buy For Less!

Now Is The Season Of Cashmere Sweaters On Sale – Looking to buy the quality cashmere sweaters for men or women, whether as a gift or for personal use, there are are quality features you must look for to ensure you sweater serve the purpose of purchase for a very long time. There are many brands and source of cashmere sweaters, we find the following resource that will point you in the right direction whether you are buying Ralph Lauren Cashmere Sweaters or Uniqlo Cashmere Sweaters, whether you are buying cheap or luxury cashmere sweaters, Luxury Cashmere Blankets, Cardigan Cashmere Sweaters, Cashmere Sweaters Turtleneck, Winter cashmere dress sweater, Men’s or Women’ s cashmere v neck sweaters, plus size or petite cashmere cardigan sweaters, Black, white or Pink Cashmere Sweaters, just to mention a few, Cashmere Sweaters On Sale Just Read On and make The Right Choice….

Cashmere Confidential

For the season of sweater buying, some tips on how to tell the good from the bad

Buying a cashmere sweater used to be a simple thing. The wool came from the bellies of goats in India or Tibet and was spun in Scotland. Cashmere goods were generally expensive, but rare, and worth the cost. “In the old days, cashmere had a certain allure, and the allure created a certain price point,” said veteran cashmere salesman Jack Bain, who has represented Pringle of Scotland and a number of Scottish woolen mills. Now, chains are selling cashmere sweaters for less than $100. According to Mr. Bain, “cashmere is generic, like a jockey short.”

Many manufacturers today employ cost-saving methods that impoverish the product: using fibers of varying length, spinning the wool before it’s fully dried after dyeing. A salesperson is not likely to talk about these shortcuts, and they don’t have a particularly noticeable effect on how a cashmere sweater looks or feels—at least, not at first. Give an inferior cashmere sweater a few wears, though, and you’ll see it starts to pill much sooner than a good one.

Stand-Up Cashmere at Every Price

From Uniqlo to Brunello Cucinelli, there are cashmere sweaters for different budgets.

Cashmere Sweaters On Sale

Cashmere Sweater Brunello Cucinelli

Meanwhile, luxury labels have found ways (adding fur trim, using baby cashmere) to up the ante. In short, the difference between good and bad cashmere has never been so pronounced. The goats of Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan are now part of the global supply chain, and even the most respected purveyors also sell lower grades of cashmere. With price and provenance telling less and less of the story, the average retail customer buys cashmere with only a dim idea of what he’s paying for.

Fortunately, there are some ways for the consumer to test a garment’s quality, Continue To Read Here………

Men’s and Women’s Cashmere Sweaters On Sale In The News

Cashmere: Luxury wool is a timeless investment
Tribune Review,

“If you invest in a basic color cashmere sweater, like black, navy, gray or cream, you’ll have it forever.” Cashmere is fine, soft wool obtained from the Kashmir goat. The pure white hair is the softest because the dyeing process causes it to lose some

Tomorrow’s Events & Sales: 70 Percent Off at Lauren Merkin; Perfect Your Model …
New York Magazine (blog),

Fall 2011 styles are up to 70 percent off at the Gryson and Olivia Harris sample sale. Prices start at $50. 180 Varick St., nr. King St. (212-462-6786); T–Th (9–7). • Footwear and cashmere sweaters are $50 (originally $280 to $310) and denim is $40 … Cashmere Sweaters  On Sale For Men and Women

Economic crisis tests Italy’s luxury market
Los Angeles Times

The Great Recession highlights both the vulnerability and resilience of this cradle of cashmere sweaters, designer bags and sports cars. Sara Cassetta is a painter at Ubaldo Grazia, a 500-year-old ceramics maker in Italy that has seen business plummet. … Cashmere Sweaters On Sale.

Now that you know what to look for in a top quality Cashmere Sweaters, then making the right choice the next time you visit that high street clothing stores or buying online, you should be able to make an intelligent decision. And if you are buying it for a gift, you should be able to buy one that is sure to please. We will also be discussing on where can you buy christmas sweaters, where to buy tacky christmas sweaters,  where to buy oversized holiday sweaters, buy christmas sweaters online Cashmere Sweaters On Sale.



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